SleepStyle™ 200 Series
The SleepStyle 200 offers a comprehensive range of standard, enhanced and truly integrated CPAP devices with usage recording capability.

Ambient Tracking™ Plus is the next best thing to ThermoSmart™ with an auto-adjusting heater-plate that adjusts humidity when it senses changes in your ambient room temperature. This advanced humidification feature is designed to minimize condensation while providing you with the maximum humidity your room temperature will allow under non-heated breathing tube conditions.

The following table outlines the CPAP models offered in the SleepStyle™ 200 Series and the performance features that exist in each model. (Please note: Not all models are available in every country.)

SleepStyle™ 200 CPAP
SleepStyle™ 200 CPAP
Humidification Delivery
Convertible System

SleepStyle™ 200 CPAP Series Brochure

SleepStyle™ 200 CPAP Series Instruction Manual

Setup & Use Video

Cleaning & Maintenance Video

Traveling Video

Fully Integrated System
Ambient Tracking™ Plus
ComplianceMaximizer™ Software
TitrationMaximizer™ Software
Altitude Adjustment Control
Leak Compensation

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